Oölite with Earth Pigment

This painted print is part of the ongoing series Fragments from an Unknowable Landscape, which is a collaboration between photographer Justin James King and painter Leah Koransky.

The green earth pigment—used to make the paint —was collected by the artists from beach cliffs in the northeastern United States, in an area that is relatively young (geologically speaking): a mere 18,000 years old. For more about earth pigments, go here

Oölite is a sedimentary rock formed from oöids (spherical grains composed of concentric layers1). It was found in an area believed to have formed approximately 150 million years ago as part of a geologic formation known as the Great Valley sequence of California2.  Special thanks to geologist Paul Ramsey who helped identify this rock.

8 x 10 in
Archival inkjet print on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350gsm
100% cotton paper
Edition of 3

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